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Chemical waste storage and recycling

Everyone knows the small ampoules that are returned to the pharmacy because their contents have not been completely used. The manufacture of chemical and pharmaceutical products also produces waste that has to be disposed of as hazardous waste. Spriomed AG from Gelterkirchen in Switzerland collects this waste from companies and pharmacies and disposes of it properly. In the process, it can quickly become dangerous for the employees. They decided to invest in the safety of their employees and found a reliable partner in DENIOS for the implementation.

Challenge and task

**You never know what's in it: **So Spiromed employees never know exactly which substances have been collected from the customer. While individual chemicals may be harmless, unknown mixtures can already harbour a considerable potential danger. In order to minimise this risk for the employees, it quickly became clear: separate system solutions, each with extensive safety equipment, ensure maximum safety during storage and handling of the hazardous substances. Since flammable, corrosive, toxic and water-polluting liquids are part of everyday life, explosion protection had to be considered in addition to fire protection. Because the substances were to be stored in the immediate vicinity of labelling and disposal, particularly high safety requirements also applied here.

The Solution

DENIOS manufactured a walk-in fire protection storage system for Spiromed that is certified according to REI 90 and could be set up as an independent fire compartment in the middle of the factory halls. The system offers enough space for small containers up to 1,000-litre IBCs and is equipped with explosion-protected electrics. An integrated drip tray additionally protects the system against leaking liquids. For direct work on the chemicals, DENIOS installed a free-standing workstation with pollutant detection in the direct vicinity of the warehouse. This is also equipped with ATEX-compliant components to protect against explosions.

result and customer benefit

Maximum safety during storage and handling: On a floor space of 3 by 3 metres, Spiromed employees can open, decant and prepare containers for final disposal. A technical ventilation system captures escaping emissions and passes them through an active carbon filter. The filtered emissions are then discharged directly into the open air. Despite an effective extraction of 1,800 m³ of air per hour, the air flow enables draught-free working. The storage system and free workstation ensure almost risk-free work with the hazardous substances.

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