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Gas extraction system at INTEGA GmbH

INTEGA is a leading, innovative company in the ultra-pure media supply industry having many sites in Germany and branches in Europe.

INTEGA's services include the development, planning, assembly, testing and commissioning of plant or supply systems for ultra-pure media. Customers in the semiconductor, solar, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, R&D companies as well as institutes and universities use the services of INTEGA GmbH.

The challenge and task

During 2011 and 2012 INTEGA GmbH and DENIOS worked together to plan two technical / safety rooms to house a gas extraction station in each one. The rooms needed to be climate controlled with an air drier as they were intended to be used in Vietnam. The climatic conditions at this location were the reason for the air and climate control technology needed in the technical / safety rooms.

INTEGA GmbH's customer required smooth execution of the contract, with high levels of quality and within a very tight time frame in order to win the order.

The solution

By working very closely together, INTEGA GmbH and DENIOS were able to meet all the technical specifications required within the time frame allocated by using DENIOS "mobile technical / safety rooms“.

Project planning began in Stuttgart and Munich, and manufacturing was carried out at the main DENIOS facility in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. Assembly and finishing was completed in Vietnam.

Result and customer benefits

The customer received two safe, functional transportable technical / safety rooms for gas extraction systems, which are now operational in Vietnam. The room layout was adapted to suit the space requirements.

This technically complex solution was able to be implemented quickly, economically and in line with the customer requirements. All safety aspects which are required in the industry were taken into consideration.

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