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Hazardous goods warehouse for the University of Düsseldorf

The University of Düsseldorf is one of the younger universities in the state of North Rhine Westphalia and was founded in 1965. Today, around 20,000 students study at the University, which enjoys an outstanding reputation thanks to the above-average number of special research areas.

Challenge and task

Over a period of three years, the University of Düsseldorf will be extensively rebuilt. This is associated with a lot of effort, even in areas that do not open up at first glance. In the university research area, the storage of hazardous substances also plays a major role. Especially in the scientific disciplines, many water-polluting and combustible liquids and substances are used: lyes, acids, solvents, poisons, peroxides. Until now, the deposits for these substances were distributed decentrally across the entire campus. For the transitional period, a central warehouse should now be built, whose individual, mobile components can continue to be used after the conversion.

The solution

In close cooperation with the client and suppliers, DENIOS developed a central hazardous goods warehouse. The entire system consists of 17 individual walk-in fire protection warehouses and shelf storage systems, which are connected by covered corridors and logistics areas. Each of these systems fulfills special requirements within the plant, which are specified by the stored media.

The plant is divided into a warehouse and a handling area. In the latter, the goods receipt takes place. In addition, specifications for fire and explosion protection, air conditioning and frost protection as well as the VCI concept for the collection of hazardous substances were taken into account for the different hazardous goods warehouses.

High-quality security standards were implemented. All fire protection warehouses are equipped with control cabinets which correspond to the control room in the event of a fault and, in the case of fire, to the fire alarm control panel. Remote access via smartphone and internet is also made possible by an intelligent bus system. Circulation pipes for emergency showers provide first aid in case of contamination. These are kept frost-free by a boiler system and protected against Legionella infestation.

Result and customer benefits

The University of Düsseldorf received a central hazardous materials and chemical storage facility with an extremely short lead time. The order was placed in April, the acceptance took place in November. The new warehouse complies with all current requirements regarding storage and handling of the client. In addition, due to their mobility, the individual components can continue to be used flexibly after completion of the 3-year renovation work on the campus.

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