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Installation of WFP-X 22- SM2- 90 minute fire rated unit for new COVID hospital at Gateshead

Robertson Construction is an award-winning construction company that specialises in public sector projects. It has been operating successfully for over 50 years. Its projects for public and private healthcare providers range from integrated to specialist healthcare facilities, laboratory and manufacturing facilities, and major regional hospitals.

The challenge and task

Shaun Black, from the DENIOS UK team, was contacted by Robertson Construction Ltd who had been engaged to construct the £20M Integrated Covid Hub North East (ICHNE) in Gateshead Tyne & Wear, for Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust. As part of this project Robertson Construction Ltd needed an external fire rated store with internal electrics to ATEX zone 2, capable of storing 1250No. 4-litre full bottles of ethanol and 500No. empty 4 litre bottles. It was also necessary that the store was secure, lockable, bunded, had internal lighting, low-level extract and leak detection.

The solution

The DENIOS UK team worked together to examine the best options available to fully meet the brief, double-checking all measurements and specifications. Every job is treated on an individual basis with thorough checking of specifications, quotations and lead times. Delivery was particularly challenging as it came during a time of COVID restrictions and changes in requirements for Brexit shipments. DENIOS worked hard to mitigate the effects of these obstacles and have ensured that this delivery was secured. We will continue to do this for all of our customers. We promise what we can deliver.

DENIOS delivered an external WFP-X 22- SM2- 90 minute fire rated store with internal ATEX zone 2 electrics for ethanol to the Integrated Covid Hub North East (ICHNE) for the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust.

Result and customer benefits

Denios delivered on quality, and kept the time frames as short as possible whilst always maintaining standards. We made certain we thoroughly understood the specific needs and helped ensure they matched strict regulatory requirements and the highest industry standards.

The turnaround was tight, but the quality had to be high. The WFP-X 22- SM2- 90 minute fire rated store arrived fresh off the boat at the end of January 2021.

This is the first COVID NHS Hub in the North East of England and in the UK which we know about, due to the quick response from DENIOS UK Team we were able to jump on this straight away, giving the current climate and the uncertainty that comes with COVID - the restrictions, regional lockdowns etc it shows how DENIOS UK can work quickly, effectivity, regionally and offer best practice and solutions to every need or demand in all circumstances.

Richard Dale, Robertson Construction Ltd.

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Installation of 90 minute fire rated unit for new COVID hospital at Gateshead

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