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Mixing station in the middle of the production halls

As a specialist in industrial coating processes, APO GmbH from Alsdorf wanted to invest more in safety for its employees - and found the right partner with DENIOS. APO focuses on safer handling and storage of paints.

The challenge and task

Since 2002 APO GmbH is located in Alsdorf near Aachen. The company specializes in the coating of industrial mass small parts. Specifically, these are functional or decorative coatings for large customers in the automotive, textile, stationery or cosmetics industries. The daily handling of paints and solvents is therefore one of their tasks for the employees of APO. The same applies to the storage of these non-hazardous substances. When it comes to storage, APO has always relied on DENIOS solutions. Thus, one did not have to look far for a partner when one decided to invest in the safety of the employees in their daily tasks.

An investment in more security: A paint for a specific product is almost never delivered ready, it is mixed accordingly. What sounds simple and subtle requires a great deal of caution. When you open the container as well as the actual mixing of the substances emissions arise, which, depending on the composition of the colors, can be harmful to health. In addition, the workspace should be fire protected. In order to optimize the work processes and to keep the paths for the employees short, a solution near production was desired. In addition, it required a storage facility for the storage of large quantities of coatings in the outdoor area. The solutions proposed by DENIOS scored points in all these areas - especially the transfer and mixing station resulted in a number of noticeable improvements in the daily work of APO employees.

The solution

Mixing and bottling at the heart of production: In order to actually set up the mixing station in the middle of the production halls, these special requirements had to be met. The mixing room must be designed for water-polluting, toxic and flammable media. To ensure maximum fire and explosion protection, the interior had to be designed as an Ex zone. A DENIOS BMC firestop was used as the basis for the workspace. For optimal access, the container was equipped with single-leaf fire doors on both sides. The technical ventilation fulfilled all necessary requirements and was connected to the in-house exhaust systems at APO. The container has enough space to store already opened containers. For the actual work with the paints, an ejector-contaminant detection system has been integrated into the workspace. The airflow from this system will continue to deliver all emissions from the operator, ensuring maximum safety during mixing and transfer by hand. Supply and supply air as well as air changes within the system are automatically monitored. Extensive safety accessories warns the user in case of incidents.

Fire-proof storage in the outdoor area: Also for the outdoor warehouse, APO placed great emphasis on safety and modern equipment. The lacquer storage serves to provide and store lacquers and paints, which are then processed in the interior. Again, a fire protection container of the type BMC is the best solution. The warehouse is REI90 fire protected and could be installed in the immediate vicinity of the production halls without having to maintain safety distances. The requirements for fire and explosion protection correspond to the indoor solution. The camp offers enough space with 22sqm. With both solutions, APO set the highest level of safety for materials and especially for employees. Employees are very positive about the new working conditions, feel safer and more motivated in their daily work.

Result and customer benefits

With both solutions, APO GmbH focused on maximum safety for material and especially for employees. The employees perceive the new working conditions very positively, feel safer and are more motivated in their daily work.

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