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Pioneers of Green Mobility rely on safety products from DENIOS

Sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility is one of the most important issues of our time. Many DENIOS customers are at the cutting edge of technical developments for the green transport revolution. They are pioneering tomorrow's transport - on road, rail, water and in the air. We work closely with them by providing the latest safety technology solutions. Find out how we are doing this!

Green mobility by road

Fire-protected storage for large battery modules in eDrive development

An international engineering service provider specialises in the development of vehicles, eDrive and energy systems. The company required a secure outdoor storage facility for larger quantities of traction batteries and lithium battery cells.

DENIOS supplied a walk-in fire protection warehouse with 90-minute fire protection. The solution included air conditioning, heating, ventilation were installed and monitoring systems all working with maxiumum energy efficiency in mind. Constant status detection via integrated sensors and an integrated water extinguishing system provided additional safety features to deal with emergencies. The practical layout allowed both small battery cells and traction batteries weighing up to 700 kg can be conveniently loaded and stored.

The DENIOS solution

Fire protection storage for lithium batteries - available with extensive equipment options.

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Quarantine container for damaged battery returns in the automotive industry

One of the world's largest car manufacturers, based in southern Germany, has played a leading role in the field of electric mobility for many years. The manufacturer needed safe and appropriate infrastructure for handling damaged, defective and unsafe-to-transport batteries at its international logistics locations. These would enable the manufacturer to receive and store, and then transport for disposal in a professional, safe and compliant way.

DENIOS supplied the customer with robust special containers made of stainless steel that are specially designed for the storage and transport of damaged, defective or unsafe-to-transport lithium batteries. The lithium batteries are embedded in these containers with the PyroBubbles® filling material, which reduces the risk of thermal runaway. In this way, defective series parts can be isolated and safely stored on a temporary basis. Benefitting from UN transport approval, these containers can also be used for subsequent transport of defective batteries.

The DENIOS solution

Lithium battery transport boxes made of stainless steel, available in various sizes.

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Did you know? DENIOS is a pioneer in the development and distribution of solutions for the safe storage, charging, testing and transport of lithium energy storage devices.

As the heart of every electric motor, lithium batteries have become indispensable in the world of e-mobility. Alongside the advantages, there are also risks. In particular the risk of fire and bursting. For the highest levels of protection, almost all leading e-mobility car manufacturers rely on safety products from DENIOS. Our customers also include a number of well-known e-bike manufacturers, test laboratories for lithium batteries, lithium cell manufacturers and start-ups in the field of urban air mobility (air taxis and cargo drones).

Drive development for eBikes: Safe storage of tested battery prototypes

Our customer, a well-known supplier of automotive technology, is increasingly promoting the conversion to electric drive components. With its eBike division, it has been supplying high-quality motors and batteries for electrically powered bicycles for over 10 years. They have now invested in the construction of a new development centre for eBike drives. Extensive testing of the battery prototypes plays an important role in the development process. Batteries that have already been through the test scenario should be stored in a secured environment. Batteries should be stored in different fire-proofed compartments to prevent fire from spreading to adjacent batteries, in the event of an accident.

DENIOS recommended SafeStore-Pro lithium battery storage cabinets for this particular scenario. These offer 90-minute fire protection from the outside and from the inside. An integrated warning/fire suppression system with aerosol extinguishing technology provides additional protection in the event of a fire starting inside the cabinet. By using several safety cabinets, separate fire compartments could be easily created. A further benefit of the SafeStore-Pro is that they are compact and thus perfect where space is restricted.

The DENIOS solution

Lithium battery storage cabinet SafeStore with fire protection both inside and outside, and warning/fire suppression system.

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Hazardous materials storage for water-polluting operating materials in e-vehicle production

The DENIOS customer is a well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles and a specialist in sustainable energy. Their plant produces a wide variety of products for more traditional automotive manufacturing. For example, cleaning agents for cleaning components or special lubricants for gearboxes, wheel bearings and drive trains. These media are considered hazardous to water and must be stored in compliance with strict legal regulations. For this customer, the requirements were particularly stringent because the site is partly located in a water protection area. Thanks to intensive consultation with the DENIOS experts, the customer was able to meet all the requirements and identify the ideal location for the new hazardous materials storage facility on the site. The safe storage of his operating materials is now realised with 4 air-conditioned hazardous materials warehouses of the SC type, a product from the tried and tested DENIOS standard range.

The DENIOS solution

Hazardous materials storage containers for larger quantities of hazardous substances.

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Green Mobility in the air

Charging air taxis: Not only safe, but also smart

Urban airspace offers enormous potential for sustainable transport. Numerous start-ups are getting involved in the market of inner-city air taxis and cargo drones. Lithium batteries are integral to this technology. DENIOS supplies the pioneers in the field of urban air mobility with fire-protected storage solutions and has developed a smart charging management system to complement the storage.

The challenge: With increasing e-vehicle density, intelligent charging management is gaining in importance. Simultaneous charging processes must not lead to grid overload. Therefore, a smart distribution of energy flows must take place based on existing electricity capacities. Together with our customers from the urban air mobility sector, we have developed a technical concept that provides for smart charging management in our fire-protected storage facilities.

The DENIOS solution

Storage and process technology for lithium batteries - we also design solutions for bespoke requirements!

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Did you know? At DENIOS, new ideas are created in the Blue Campus - our in-house innovation lab.

Finding new ways to protect the environment and people in companies worldwide and to make future working environments safer and more sustainable - with this objective, the Blue Campus offers our interdisciplinary, self-organised teams the necessary space to develop, test and implement innovative solutions.

The Blue Campus: an important source of inspiration for new ideas, ways of working and ways of thinking about environmental protection and safety.

Green mobility on water

Storage of lithium batteries for underwater robotics

Electric drives are now used in a wide variety of applications, including underwater robotics. Our customer is a leader in the development and production of pressure-neutral drive and power supply systems for autonomous and cable-guided underwater vehicles. This customer was looking for a safe storage solution for their lithium modules that would also allow convenient handling during the assembly process. After consulting DENIOS, they decided on a SafeStore safety cabinet with fire protection from both the inside and the outside. This could be placed directly on the assembly line, thus avoiding unnecessary journeys between the warehouse and production. With the SafeStore, the customer received a modern safety solution for the storage of lithium modules that combines fire and insurance protection as well as economic efficiency.

The DENIOS solution

Lithium-ion battery storage cabinet SafeStore with fire protection on both inside and out.

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Green mobility by rail

Storage of flammable substances during maintenance of trains and rail network

Shifting traffic to rail is a core element of sustainable mobility. Whether travelling, going to work or transporting goods, many routes can be covered by train in a more environmentally friendly way than by private motorised transport. In order for passengers and goods to reliably get from A to B, the vehicle fleet and rail network must be regularly maintained and serviced. Our customer's came to us for storage solutions for their flammable operating materials that were used across numerous maintenance sites.

The customer opted for DENIOS fire-resistant hazardous materials cabinets of the Edition-G type to ensure that they are stored in accordance with regulations. In addition to 90-minute fire protection, they offer the possibility of storing hazardous substances in small containers directly at the place of use. The well thought-out room layout and many different equipment variants meant that the storage gave flexible options.

The DENIOS solution

Edition-G fire-resistant hazardous goods cabinets comes with a variety of add on equipment in a a range of dimensions.

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