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DENIOS room systems can be designed and equipped for any requirement - no matter where in the world they are to be used. DENIOS has already carried out a wide range of projects for the Chinese market. This includes, for example, customers who have their headquarters in Germany and want to export their high safety standards to China.

Electromobility is a big topic in automotive companies. DENIOS supplied a total of 4 fire-rated storage containers with shelving for the Chinese branches of a German car manufacturer in Chanchun and Shanghai. Their use: the safe housing of Li-ion cells for the production of e-motors or their components.


Regional regulations are decisive: In China there are no universal regulations for room systems to our knowledge. The Chinese laws cover fixed constructions and buildings. When classifying a room system, DENIOS is guided by a general understanding that for fire-rated stores, they are seen as building products or “buildings”. Our Chinese customers therefore generally tend to use the requirements of the country where the system manufacturer is based. In a similar way to the Netherlands, there is a type of collective regulations GB 15603/1995. GHS and REACH are included and form the basis for hazardous materials storage. For issues concerning fire protection, Decree 591 is also consulted.


Fire protection according to German standards: DENIOS fire-rated storage containers with shelving are tested and approved as a complete system with fire protection from the inside and outside. DENIOS manufactured the storage systems for the Chinese customer in accordance with the REI 90 fire protection standard. Construction, statics and insulation withstand 90 minutes in an emergency. The systems were designed with one and two doors, each with three storage levels. For the storage of Li-ion cells, the customer opted for maximum safety. While the technology is considered mature, the cells can self-ignite or explode under certain circumstances. In addition to the fire protection precautions, pressure relief panels in the roof ensure maximum safety. As the storage systems are installed outdoors, care had to be taken to ensure that they were appropriately housed in terms of climate, as the conditions in China are sometimes very different from those in Europe. The fire-rated stores designed by DENIOS guarantee an internal temperature of +15° C at an external temperature down to -30°C. In summer, the air conditioning keeps the interior at a constant 25°C.


Condition monitoring: the interior of the fire-rated systems never goes unobserved or unmonitored. Technical ventilation ensures that the room air is fully exchanged every 2 hours. In addition to airflow monitoring, gas detectors ensure continuous safety in the interior. A mail server specially developed for DENIOS room systems ensures the output of data to the customer's stationary or mobile devices. A big plus is the automatic containment of a failure. Remote maintenance from Germany is also facilitated by the technology.

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