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New products in the DENIOS online shop

Novelties for the storage of hazardous materials

Over 1000 possibilities: Assemble stacking shelves for hazardous materials individually

Our new racks offer you almost unlimited combination possibilities for the storage and filling of hazardous materials depots. The stacking racks are available in 2 different module sizes, each in 4 versions for the horizontal storage of canisters, 60- or 200-litre drums or small containers. A floor spill pallet, optionally made of steel or plastic, ensures safe storage conditions. Due to the horizontal container storage, the stacking racks can also be used as a filling station. The highlight: stacking racks of the same size can be flexibly combined with each other and stacked up to 3 units high. The new stacking racks are available either as ready-made sets including spill pallet - or you can put together your own individual system of stacking racks and spill pallet.

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Smart ventilation of hazardous material cabinets - with the new recirculating air filter attachment (UFA)

The ventilation of hazardous material cabinets is often realised by connection to a technical exhaust air system. However, this restricts the choice of installation location and usually requires a complex and expensive installation. The alternative: the recirculating air filter attachment (UFA) from asecos. The compact unit, which is supplied ready to plug in, is placed on the hazardous material cabinet in just a few steps. A powerful filter system provides reliable protection against solvent vapours (hydrocarbons) as well as maximum flexibility in the choice of location for your hazardous material cabinet. In addition, you avoid expensive installations and Ex zones in and around the cabinet.

Practical accessories for spill pallets

For more safety and ergonomics when handling spill pallets, we have expanded our range of accessories. Use our new lifting aid for ergonomic and safe lifting of grids. For additional protection of stored containers against falling over and damage, we have developed a new attachment frame. And for the safe and systematic earthing of spill pallets made of steel and stainless steel including the containers stored on them, there is a new earthing set. Order now directly with your new spill pallet!

Fire protection warehouse RFP with electric sliding door

Customised hazardous materials storage systems in a wide range of sizes and designs for the storage of flammable substances have been part of DENIOS' core competence for over 35 years. This includes turn-key fire protection systems, which are usually equipped with hinged doors. However, the disadvantages of hinged doors often arise in outdoor purposes where, for example, wind loads or confined spaces are to be expected. This is why our DENIOS engineers developed the RFP SD ("Sliding Doors") fire protection storage system with space-saving sliding doors several years ago. The RFP SD is now also available with electrically operated fire protection doors. This allows you to control access to your hazardous materials storage facility by remote control - for example, conveniently from a forklift truck. As usual, the electric fire doors also close automatically when the fire detectors are triggered.

Novelties for the handling of hazardous materials

Sustainable absorbents made from natural fibre

DENSORB® absorbents are used in the event of drip leaks or leaks of hazardous substances. Now we manufacture the popular DENSORB® absorbent pads, absorbent socks and oil barriers from an environmentally friendly natural fibre. The advantages: Three times higher absorption capacity than conventional absorbents made of polypropylene, higher chemical resistance even for highly concentrated acids and high temperature resistance.

DENSORB® Emergency-Kits in Signal Yellow

Our popular DENSORB® emergency caddy spill kits are now also available in signal yellow. This makes the caddies easier to locate and quicker to use in an emergency. It also increases visibility for people not involved in the spill response. This novelty includes all three sizes (Extra Large, Medium and Small) and all three applications (Universal, Oil and Special).

HazMat and Extinguishing Water Barriers

In order to decisively limit the extent of damage in the event of operational disruptions, measures for HazMat and extinguishing water retention are of great importance. In the DENIOS online shop you will now find an even wider selection of pluggable and swivelling barriers as well as - completely new to the range - loading ramp barriers, step and ramp barriers.

Drain Covers

The DENIOS range offers a wide selection of products for professional leakage management. This also includes drain seals for quick protection of the drainage system in the event of leaks and accidents. Here we have some new, practical solutions in our range - such as foldable and disposable sealing mats.

Heating chamber in small: drying and heating cabinets

Our heating chambers are now also available in small. The new drying and heating cabinets are ideally suited for development and research. Because even small samples find their place there and can be put through their paces. The products convince with outstanding energy efficiency, low heat radiation and high temperature accuracy as well as precise drying or warm storage of samples up to 300°C.

Novelties for occupational safety

Safety Knives

Wherever there is cutting, injuries can quickly occur. Luckily, there are safety knives! With a safety knife you reduce the risk of unpleasant accidents at work. Safety knives have, for example, an automatic blade retraction or concealed blades that offer protection from cuts and from damage to goods. At DENIOS you will now find a wide range of safety and cutter knives for cutting a wide variety of materials. For sensitive industries such as food or pharmaceuticals, we offer safety knives made of metal detectable plastic (MDP knives) that prevent foreign objects from being introduced into machines or products.

Individually configure emergency showers

Stainless steel emergency showers are the first choice in many areas - they can be used in many ways, are suitable for the highest hygienic demands and are easy to clean, robust and durable. We have expanded our range of safety showers for you. The special feature: The new emergency showers are not only available in different sizes, but can also be individually configured and equipped with a wide range of options.

People guidance systems

At events, exhibitions or in the business environment, people guidance systems help to guide employees and vehicles. In the area of people guidance systems, you now have even more choice. Discover new model variants and traffic guidance cones.

Novelties in the area of Production and Operation equipment

New category office furniture with many new articles

Ergonomic and functional office equipment ensures healthy and efficient work. That's why you can now find a lot of what you need for optimal office furnishing at DENIOS: Our range of office equipment and supplies extends from office chairs to office cabinets.

New tank systems and containers

Tanks for fuel supply

In the event of a power blackout, the ability to act of important facilities and critical infrastructures stands or falls with the smooth and continuous supply of fuel for vehicles and emergency power generators. An important lever for ensuring an uninterrupted supply of fuel in an emergency is the storage of sufficient quantities for self-supply. DENIOS now offers you an even larger selection of stationary supply tanks and mobile tank systems.

FALCON cans with earthing connection

FALCON safety cans are designed for the safe storage and handling of small quantities of flammable liquids. Models with integrated grounding connection are now also available in the DENIOS online shop - for even more safety when filling and transferring.

Plastic storage tanks in new variants

New in the range are 4 variants of already known storage tanks made of plastic. While the tanks that have been tried and tested for years have 4 openings (2"), the new ones (depending on size) have only 2 or 3 of these openings. New is an additional opening with a diameter of 240 mm. With this larger opening it is now possible to use a submersible pump in the tank, for example. Or you can use the opening as an "access" for cleaning work. The version with a volume of 1000 litres is completely new.

Novelties for cleaning and waste disposal

New series of Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elmasonic Select is the successor series to Elmasonic S. The new units not only offer extended setting options and three additional ultrasound modes, but also additional safety features such as a dry-running safety device (if no water is filled in the tank). The series also impresses with a significantly improved and convincing ultrasonic performance, which makes cleaning even more efficient.

Cleaning cloths on pallet and as sample set

We supply cleaning cloths on pallets at particularly attractive conditions for the everyday collection and removal of dirt. You want to convince yourself of the quality first? A sample set with four different types of folded cloths is now available.

Magnetic broom "Heavy Duty" in additional sweeping widths

The long-proven "Heavy Duty" magnetic broom with 455 mm sweeping width is available in 2 additional sweeping widths (610 mm and 915 mm) for even more efficient cleaning processes in industrial operations.

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