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Storing Disinfectants in a Water Conservation Area

In Germany, water protection is regulated by strict legal requirements in the case of storage of substances hazardous to water. Usually, a containment volume is required that corresponds to at least the largest stored container or 10% of the total storage quantity. However, if hazardous substances have to be stored in water protection areas, much stricter regulations apply. No less than 100% of the stored quantity must be able to be collected in the case of a leak. This was the challenge presented to DENIOS, the market leader based in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany.

The challenge and task

A leading pharmaceutical company in Germany that specialised in pain, oncology and respiratory drugs came up against a unique problem. As a large organisation, they needed to store a large volume of product, and they needed to do this on outdoor pallets.

However, if they wanted to pursue this idea, they would need to overcome a huge problem... the company was located in a water conservation area. In order to be able to store substances outdoors in a protected area, the company would need to have a system in place that guaranteed 100% collection of any spilt substances.

Due to the external nature of their storage requirements, the units had to be equipped with explosion-proof air conditioning.

The solution

DENIOS developed a bespoke solution for the company, based on our well-established, expert engineering solutions. DENIOS created three identical units for the company, based on our 2P 814 series (ISO "A" according to DIN 4102), but with the addition of air conditioning systems.

At the customer's request, they were installed on a rear wall. The units were equipped with collection tanks that guaranteed 100% collection of all disinfectants, which enabled the company to comply with all legal requirements for operating within a water conservation area.

Result and customer benefits

Once DENIOS had provided the company with the insulated and air-conditioned units, the customer was able to meet the legal requirements needed to operate in the conservation area. The bespoke units were built to be cost-effective and easily moved, which equipped the customer with the ability to respond easily and efficiently to future location changes.

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