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Thermotechnology - A concise guide to climate controlled storage

How can thermotechnology help your business?

There are two key reasons to have climate controlled storage: safety and efficiency.

Safety: hazardous and volatile substances often need to be stored at specific and consistent temperatures to keep them safe.

Efficiency: storing and maintaining substances at the best temperatures for immediate use your manufacturing process improves efficiency.

Find out more about how harnessing thermotechnology-based solutions can work to improve your business operations.

What is a temperature chamber?

A temperature chamber, whether heated container or a cold room, provides an environment in which the temperature is controlled and stabilised at the required level. This means the substances stored within are kept at a consistent temperature, which can be for safe storage reasons, or to maintain the substance at the best temperature for introduction into a manufacturing or testing process.

Temperature containers can either provided heated storage or cooled storage, depending on the needs of the particular material and process.

Hot boxes or cold chambers are an energy efficient and safe way to store and process potentially hazardous materials.

Why do I need climate controlled storage?

Two key reasons to use thermotechnology, either as a heated chamber or a cold room, are: safety and efficiency.

Hazardous and volatile substances often need to be stored at specific and consistent temperatures in order to keep them as safe as possible.

Hot boxes and cold rooms also provide energy efficient temperature controlled environments for hazardous substances. This means that the materials are introduced into the manufacturing process at the best temperature possible, for example this would mean that a substance is at the correct level of viscosity or there is no crystallisation present.

Cost-efficiencies can also be achieved through on-site hot boxes and cold rooms as bringing your climate controlled storage in-house can reduce costs of external storage and transport suppliers.

Are hot boxes, heated containers and cold rooms industry specific?

Heated containers and cold storage units can be used across a wide range of industries and in different situations. This can range from food producers, pharmaceuticals, printing and a wide range of manufacturing processes.

Thermotechnology is used for tasks such as:

  • Reducing viscosity to improve pumping or filling processes

  • Melting solids for process feed

  • Temperature control of substances to they are ready at the optimum working temperature

  • Avoiding crystallisation of flocculation of hazardous materials

  • Storing temperature-sensitive materials safely

  • Avoiding thermal reactions, e.g. with organic peroxides

What climate controlled storage options are available?

DENIOS offers a wide range of thermotechnology products for maintaining required storage temperatures.

These include:

Heating chambers for drums and IBCs. Available in various sizes and capacities.

Cooling and air-conditioning chambers

Heating jackets and base heating systems for individual drums, IBCs and containers.

We also provide additional equipment for the safe handling of materials stored in hot boxes and cold rooms. This also includes modified, bespoke climate controlled storage, for example in stainless steel or silicon-free. You can see more here.

Thermotechnology - climate control systems

See our range of thermotechnology systems and solutions. From hot boxes, heated chambers and cold rooms to heating jackets.

Find out more about British and European standards and DENIOS certifications to get a clearer idea of what you need to take into consideration for your thermotechnology-based storage solutions.

Download the Thermotechnology Guide

Download our thermotechnology pdf to find out how our heated chambers and cold rooms work and how they can help your business.

Climate controlled storage case studies

Case study

Fully automated heating chamber

Digital process support through networking to a control system high priority for this DENIOS customer. They were also looking for an effective solution that included a complete automation of thermal stock preparation. In response DENIOS has developed a fully automatic heating chamber. This is designed as a continuous tunnel with several levels and individually heatable heating aisles.

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Case study

Fire-protected heat chamber for special chemicals

One of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of speciality chemicals produces high-quality raw materials, auxiliary materials, additives and active substances which are used in almost all industrial sectors and consumer goods. For a treatment process, water-polluting and flammable chemical substances are heated in a heat chamber for further processing and fed into the production process with an increased viscosity. The process plant no longer met the current requirements and had to be replaced.

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Case study

Heating chambers with high capacities and short warm-up times

A specialty chemicals manufacturer from Wesel needed six heat chambers to store different substances with different properties safely. Explosion-proof roller doors ensured safety and space gain.

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Case study

Heating up to 18,000 litres on just 15 square metres

An essential part of the manufacturing process of mold release agents and release agents is the temperature-controlled liquefaction of raw materials for further processing. For this purpose, our customer needed a tailor-made heat chamber. The special challenge: the production area at the customer's site was almost completely exhausted and an extension was not possible. A heat chamber with a high capacity had therefore to be realized on the smallest of footprints.

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Calls are handled by our UK team. All sales are processed via our German parent company so are VAT* / tariff free where applicable. *Must be fully IE VAT registered