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Thermotechnology for substances in drums and IBCs

The temperature control of substances in drums and IBCs is essential in many industrial applications. In the following article, you will find out in which areas of application DENIOS thermotechnology is used and what differences there are.

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Applications for temperature control of materials

The temperature control of substances in drums and IBCs, for example, is necessary,

  • when temperature-sensitive substances need to be protected from frost during outdoor storage.

  • when storing substances that need to be kept within a precisely defined temperature range in order to ensure shelf life or prevent chemical reactions.

  • substances must be heat-treated beforehand or kept at a constant temperature so that they can be transferred to the manufacturing process. This is often the case in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Temperature requirements for drums and IBCs can be flexibly solved with thermotechnology from DENIOS Ireland. Various technical room systems are available, which are designed according to requirements and supplied ready for connection.

If you are still looking for the right solution for your application, please use our selection guide for thermotechnology. It will help you find the right product based on your temperature requirements and specific specifications.

Ready-to-connect solutions

There are different, generally ready-to-connect solutions on the market for different temperature ranges. DENIOS covers temperature ranges between >5°C and 150°C with insulated storage containers, cooling chambers and heating chambers as standard. Visually, the solutions hardly differ. We will therefore show you the differences below.

Insulated storage containers
  • For target temperatures from >5°C to 35°C

  • 50-60 mm insulation as standard

  • Approved for water hazard classes 1-3

  • With/without certified fire protection as required (e.g. F 90/REI 90/REI 120)

  • Heated or air-conditioned

  • Area of application: e.g. frost-free storage

Cooling chambers
  • For target temperatures from >5°C to 10°C

  • 100 mm insulation as standard

  • With spill pallet if required

  • With/without certified fire protection as required (e.g. F 90/REI 90/REI 120)

  • Air-conditioned

  • Area of application: e.g. storage of temperature-sensitive substances

Heating chambers
  • For target temperatures from >35°C to 150°C

  • 100 mm insulation as standard

  • Heating options: Electric current, hot water

  • steam, thermal oil, hot water or

  • customised heat exchangers

  • Areas of application: e.g. melting, constant temperature control

Product recommendations

Heat chamber WK
13 variants available
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Modular heat chamber
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Hazardous materials store SolidMaxx C 1.1
4 variants available
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Fire-rated storage container WFP, all approvals
6 variants available
Price on request
Hazardous materials store MCV, walk-in
8 variants available
Price on request

Consulting protects against wrong decisions

Although standardised room modules can be used for common temperature requirements, which no longer need to be configured individually for each customer, each module is still assembled by hand and subjected to a detailed quality check. Personalised advice is always recommended and can protect against errors in the planning process and costly mistakes. In the event of particular challenges, on-site consultation can be useful and the DENIOS project department can be called in. DENIOS attaches great importance to customer proximity and is now represented in over 20 countries.

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