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The 5 most common mistakes when buying a hazardous materials cabinet for flammable media

Avoid expensive misinvestments

This free DENIOS white paper shows you:

  • Which typical mistakes often lead to expensive misinvestments?
  • The structural differences between steel cabinets and fire rated cabinets
  • The legal regulations and installation conditions for different types of cabinets

Store flammable substances safely and in compliance with the law in HazMat cabinets

The storage of flammable substances poses great challenges for companies. How can they be stored safely, in compliance with the law and at the same time as efficiently and economically as possible, given their particular hazard potential? A hazardous materials cabinet is often the obvious solution, but the large selection on the market raises questions: Does it absolutely have to be a cabinet with fire protection or can't savings be made here? Is 30 minutes fire resistance enough instead of 90? We dispel typical myths about storage cabinets for flammable media and clarify everything that is important about constructional differences, legal regulations, standards and installation conditions. So that you are guaranteed not to make the most common mistakes when buying.

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