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Products for the food industry

Food business operators must observe various legal requirements on hygiene and labelling in the manufacture and production of food. Not only does compliance with high hygiene standards play an important role, but the issues of contaminants and residues must not be neglected.

DENIOS offers a comprehensive product range for the food industry. This includes tried-and-tested solutions that ensure the safe handling of hazardous substances and storage in compliance with the law. A large selection of products for employee protection is also part of our range for the food industry. In addition, we have many other practical products for cleaning and disinfection, storage, disposal, transport and factory equipment in our range.

The best material for the food industry

When it comes to contact with food, there is no more reliable material than stainless steel. The smooth, protective and stable chromium oxide layer ensures the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Corrosion-resistant means that the base material is not attacked in contact with food (for example fruit acids) and other environmental influences (e.g. oxygen and cleaning agents). Another plus point in terms of hygiene is the effect of stainless steel on food: it does not leave behind any harmful substances or particles and does not contaminate/alter food. In addition, stainless steel is very easy to clean, which means that germs and bacteria have no surface to attack and the hygiene conditions are optimal. This makes the material the first choice when it comes to ensuring the high hygiene standards of the food and beverage industry.

At DENIOS you will find a wide range of operating and safety equipment made of high-quality stainless steel - from spill pallets to recyclables collectors.

Hygienic storage of hazardous substances in the food industry

Substances are also used in the production of food that are classified as hazardous materials due to their properties. For example, flammable methanol in the production of spirits or vegetable oils and fruit acids. Environmentally hazardous cleaning agents used for plant cleaning are also among the hazardous substances used in the food industry.

Stainless steel spill pallets are not only particularly hygienic, but also very universally suitable for storing a wide range of hazardous materials. In addition to the safe storage of flammable and water-polluting substances, stainless steel trays offer long-term protection against corrosion when storing aggressive liquids.

Our hazardous substance racking enable the safe and clear storage of flammable liquids (H224-226), aggressive chemicals and substances of all water hazard classes. They are particularly easy to clean and hygienic.

Chemical safety cabinets enable the safe storage of hazardous substances in small containers, for example in food laboratories. See also our guide "Working safely in the laboratory"!

Transport, conveying and storage of food

Transport containers must be practical and easy to handle. Hygienic cleanliness is just as important as regular maintenance of the containers. In addition, transport and storage containers must be labelled - because food may only be transported with suitable labelling to protect against confusion with other possible hazardous materials. How food must generally be labelled is regulated uniformly throughout the EU. The basis for this is the European Food Information Regulation (LMIV) (EU) No. 1169/2011.

In the DENIOS product range you will find a large selection of hygiene pallets, product boxes as well as stacking containers and universal containers, which are optimally suited for storing food thanks to the material made of food-safe polypropylene. Especially for pumping food, our electric pumps have food-safe connections and a high surface quality. Large and small container quantities can also be stored and transported in our food-safe containers. For the in-house transport of already packed foodstuffs, we have various transport trolleys and boxes in our range.


What does food-safe mean?

Food-safe packaging material may be used in direct contact with food without any health concerns. In addition, the smell and taste of the food is not affected by the material.

Cleaning and disinfection for high hygiene requirements

Wherever food is handled, absolute hygiene is necessary. Cleaning and disinfection measures are clearly regulated by legal requirements and guarantee consumer protection. Every company in the food industry is obliged to protect the food and thus the health of the consumer through appropriate operational hygiene. Professional cleaning and disinfection of rooms, facilities and equipment is a basic requirement for compliance with microbiological regulations.

In our range, you will find a variety of food-resistant cleaning cloths which, thanks to their robust tear resistance, are ideal for cleaning surfaces as well as machines and equipment. With the FALCON plunger cans, for example, these can be moistened to disinfect surfaces. The new disinfection berms are ideal for disinfecting and decontaminating vehicles and equipment. And if something does go wrong in an emergency, DENSORB absorbents are the best choice: the highly absorbent nonwovens and granulates soak up all liquids.


Cleaning and disinfection are two different processes. The two terms are distinguished as follows:

Cleaning: Removal of soiling (= any unwanted substance, including product residues, micro-organisms and detergent and disinfectant residues).

Disinfection: Chemical and physical processes to kill microorganisms to a level that is neither harmful to health nor affects the quality of the food.

New: Mobile drive-through berms for decon and disinfection operations

The mobile disinfection tub is ideally suited for the disinfection and decontamination of vehicles and equipment, e.g. in animal disease control. It is characterised above all by its quick and uncomplicated assembly as well as its reusability and can be used, for example, in foam disinfection gates.

The drive-through berm is used to collect washing and waste water as well as cleaning and disinfectant solutions indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for cars and trucks and can be set up within a very short time by just a few personnel. It can be used as a stand-alone module for collecting contaminated cleaning wastewater as well as for pure tyre disinfection. At the same time, the berm is a component for setting up a mobile disinfection gate.

Research, development and production of food

Food must be checked and tested to the utmost before it is fed into the further production process. In research and development, samples are taken and tested to ensure the quality of the products.

The drying and heating cabinets from DENIOS, which is achieved due to low heat radiation and the temperature accuracy of the heating system, precisely meets the requirements for drying or warm storage of sampling in the temperature range up to 300°C. Another plus point for hygiene safety: the high temperature load efficiently kills germs and bacteria.

In the production of foodstuffs, heating chambers are ideally suited to reducing the viscosity of foodstuffs and making them pumpable, for example. For this purpose, drums and/or IBCs with the substance to be heated can be set in the heating chamber to heat it. We offer individual solutions for capacity that meets demands and optimal use of the available space.

Heating chambers for production

Heat chamber WK 114-1-K
13 variants available
Price on request
Heat chamber WK 214-2-K
13 variants available
Price on request
Heat chamber WK 514-2-K
13 variants available
Price on request
Discover our products for safe working in the laboratory!
Product world laboratory supplies

Laboratories work with a wide variety of hazardous materials in a wide variety of ways. The right combination of measures can effectively reduce hazards. For this purpose, DENIOS offers you an extensive product range for laboratory safety that leaves nothing to be desired.

Occupational safety for employees

In the food industry, not only food safety plays a role, but also occupational health and safety and the safety of employees. Because only if your employees work safely can they also ensure high-quality food. We present essential products for occupational safety: Protect your employees from falls, slipping hazards as well as strong temperature deviations such as heat and cold.

At DENIOS you will find a wide range of occupational safety products for the food industry: In our PPE range you will find everything from eye and face protection to respiratory masks. For emergency care, we offer various versions of emergency showers (mobile and fixed), eye wash bottles, plaster dispensers and first aid kits. Workplace mats increase standing comfort, reduce fatigue and stay dry, clean and slip-free. For sensitive sectors such as the food industry, we offer safety knives made of metal-detectable plastic (MDP knives) that prevent foreign objects from being introduced into machines or products. The robust worktables and free-standing workstations offer the highest level of protection for people and rooms during the transfer, filling, weighing and sampling process of solids, dusts (raw materials, spices, flavours, powders) and liquids (with vapours).


Fume Hood AT-12 Compact
4 variants available
Price on request
Fume Hood AT-12 Pharma
4 variants available
Price on request
Downflow Booth FAP-15 Compact
4 variants available
Price on request

Food waste disposal

In order to avoid contamination of the food, some points should be taken into account when disposing of waste. For example, the waste produced should be separated. The containers for the different types of waste should be labelled in such a way that confusion is avoided. In addition, the waste containers must be fitted with a tight-fitting lid so that no liquid can leak out. These containers are used for the collection and later disposal of remaining quantities and waste. Therefore, food suitability is no longer necessary here.

Our ASF and ASP containers are used for the safe collection of liquids before they are then taken to the disposal company. The stainless steel disposal containers have different capacity volumes so that even large quantities of waste can be disposed of.

Factory equipment for the food industry

Safety is not only important within the food production process, but also on the production site. After all, a lot can also happen during delivery, removal or visits by visitors to the premises: Manoeuvring trucks and transport vehicles in confined spaces can lead to expensive collision damage. If people stray from safe routes, this can also have devastating consequences.

With the right impact and collision protection, you effectively secure your inventory against impact. At the same time, you minimise the risk of occupational accidents. Use floor markings and people guidance systems to keep your employees and visitors on marked paths and protect them from off-road traffic. Clear and sufficient signage also increases safety on the job.

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