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Noticeboards and Organisation Systems

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The robust production of the panels and organization systems ensures a long service life even in the demanding production day. Ideal for use in production, warehouse and workshop - important information, notes or instructions are always kept clean and are ready for reference.

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Noticeboards and Organisation Systems from DENIOS

Overview and structures with clear view panels from DENIOS

The robust manufacture of our boards and organisation systems ensures a long service life, even in demanding everyday production environments. Ideal for use in production, warehouses and workshops - important information, notes or instructions are always within easy reach for reference. Thanks to hard-wearing, flexible plastic, the documents remain free from dirt. The organiser systems and boards can be easily updated by simply replacing the documents.

In our assortment you will find boards with different mounting options that are suitable for all workplaces. In addition to boards for hanging on the wall, our organisation systems are also available for standing up or with magnetic backs.

What information needs to be posted in a company notice board?

Company notices include instructions for first aid measures, emergency call lists as well as contact and directions to nearby hospitals. In addition, the legally required first aiders in the company must be known. It is advisable to post this information in central places so that in an emergency it is not necessary to search for the information for a long time.

In addition to first aid measures, companies are obliged to make selected laws available to workers. The laws must be accessible at all times without notice or registration. These include the Working Hours Act, General Equal Treatment Act, Labour Court Act and the labour law provisions in the Civil Code. Depending on the company, further regulations may be added, for example accident prevention regulations, etc. It is also important that these are available at all company sites, not only at the head office. If there is an internal intranet, the regulations can also be made available digitally.

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