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Heating up to 18,000 litres on just 15 square metres

Our customer specializes in the production of process auxiliaries such as mold release agents and release agents. An essential part of the manufacturing process is the temperature-controlled liquefaction of raw materials for further processing. For this purpose, the customer needed a tailor-made heating chamber that met its individual requirements.

The challenge and task

The Challenge: High capacity in the smallest space: The special challenge: the production area at the customer's site was almost completely exhausted and an extension was not possible. Further restrictions resulted from already existing passenger and forklift traffic routes whose use was not allowed to be impaired by the new facility. For the new plant, only a very small footprint was available in a pre-storage area, which had to be used as economically as possible. Nevertheless, the processing capacity of the heating chamber needed to correspond to the production capacity of the company. Together with the customer, DENIOS was able to develop a solution that meets all these requirements.

The solution

Chemicals on the rise: In order to realize the required capacity, the heat chamber was created on three floors. The system allows for up to 18 IBCs or up to 72 drums to be accommodated on a surface area of ​​just 15 m2. An integrated certified sump with a capacity of 2,000 liters ensures compliance with the requirements of the Water Resources Act (WHG). So that the operational traffic routes are not restricted, particularly space-saving single-wing doors were installed. This ensures that the system is no obstacle to passenger and forklift traffic, even when the doors are open. The beneficial side effect: when opening also creates a lower temperature loss.

The customer opted for a resource-saving energy source with steam heating, so that existing process heat can be used efficiently for the thermal treatment of raw materials. To achieve the right viscosity, the heat chamber with a heat output of 80kW allows the heating of the chemicals at a constant 60 ° C (up to 120 ° C possible). 8,000 m3 of air are circulated per hour, thus supplying each container with the necessary heat. Air baffles ensure a homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the system.

Clever loading with "Pushback Trolley" system: The three storey structure system, with a total of 9 shelves each providing enough space for two consecutive pallets, meant a simple and safe loading system was required. As a suitable solution, the heating chamber was equipped with a practical "Pushback Trolley" system. This enables the setting of pallets according to the "last-in-first-out" principle. The pallets are set by forklift on movable trolleys that run on a rail system in the shelf. During storage, the top trolley is first equipped with a pallet. If another pallet is adjusted, this pushes the trolley further back into the channel. The removal takes place in reverse order. Practical: The pallets can be adjusted both longitudinally and transversely. Another advantage over classic gravity roller conveyors: Despite rail inclination, the pallets are in a horizontal position. An inclination of the lifting device to compensate is not required during loading and unloading. This results in a higher level of security, especially in the third level.

Well protected against fire and noise: In daily operations, the protection of people and the environment should always be in the foreground. A professional safety technology was therefore not missing in this project. The heating chamber therefore also has a customer-compatible fire detection system. Although there is no permanent workspace near the heat chamber, occasionally goods bookings must be made at a nearby computer workstation. To protect the affected employees, the entire system was therefore soundproofed.

Result and customer benefits

The customer received a customised heating chamber that met their individual requirements. Despite the small available floor space, a solution was created to heat up the entire required capacity. For convenient loading of the three-storey structure, the heating chamber was equipped with an efficient loading system.

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Heating up to 18,000 litres on just 15 square metres

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