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Storage of aerosols at the motorbike manufacturer KTM

KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG with headquarters in Mattighofen produces and develops competition off-road and street motorbikes. Subsidiaries of KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG include KTM-Racing AG, KTM Events & Travel Service AG and KTM Dealer & Financial Services GmbH. KTM products are sold via 23 sales offices and two joint venture companies in Dubai and New Zealand to over 1100 independent dealers and importers.

The challenge and task

The customer needed a hazardous material storage container for the storage of aerosols which met the general legal requirements. In particular, the Austrian water protection regulations, ASchG, TRVB, GewO and the aerosol storage regulations needed to be observed. In addition to having sufficient capacity, all built-in equipment had to be explosion proof.

The solution

After a thorough needs analysis, DENIOS advisors suggested using a walk-in F90 fire-rated storage container from the BMC range with an integral spill pallet. The basic area of 12 m2 was enough for the required storage capacity. The customer also required a single wing door on the long side of the cabinet. The electrical equipment was explosion proof in design. Air extraction via the roof ensured secure removal of potentially explosive atmospheres, away from thoroughfares or similar. Container insulation was in construction material class A (stonewool panels).

Result and customer benefits

The customer's order was processed quickly and easily. With the new HazMat storage container, sufficient storage capacity was guaranteed so that a long term supply of the necessary aerosols could be ensured for the KTM Racing team. The customer also gained a mobile system which if necessary, could be moved to another location on the site. Taking into consideration the applicable regulations and laws, as well as the Austrian IBS test certificate (from the Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung in Linz), ensured full compliance with the legislation.

The customer was delighted with our extensive, competent advice, the meeting of all company and legal requirements for the product, the development of a customer-focussed solution as well as the good price-performance ratio.

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