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Endurance test for stringent demands

DENSORB® absorbent mats can be used in many applications. They often have to endure a lot - for example, if they are a high-absorbent surface near the machine. To ensure our products always perform at their full potential in your company, we subject them to detailed load and quality tests in our in-house test laboratory.

A quality check is always necessary when a product is being developed - but also for long-term quality monitoring. We use official standards from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Whether the product meets our requirements is checked in detail and in several test runs using comparative measurements

Tensile Strenth (ASTM 5035)

Depending on the design, DENSORB® absorbent mats should withstand strong and permanent loads. A high tear resistance is especially important if the application involves strong mechanical loads.

We demonstrate this with a tensile strength test. Test pieces are prepared in the form of cut strips (150 x 25 mm). These are clamped in a force-displacement measuring device and stretched at a constant speed. Does the material withstand the required load? Only if the answer is "yes" will the next test step be tackled.

Weight (ASTM 3776) and Thickness (ASTM 5736)

The low weight of our DENSORB® absorbent mats is an important quality factor as it contributes significantly to lower disposal costs. It also ensures that handling and storage is much easier for the user. Therefore, in our tests, we examine the basic properties of the material, weight and thickness. Test pieces with a diameter of 113 mm are prepared, measured and weighed for this purpose. If the test pieces meet the requirements, we'll give them the green light.

Absorption (ASTM 726)

One of the most important tests is of course absorption capacity. DENSORB® absorbent mats absorb oil up to 16 times their own weight visibly faster than conventional absorbents, ensuring optimum results when cleaning up leaks. Absorbency is therefore demonstrated in our testing laboratory. The test piece is immersed in oil for 30 seconds. It is weighed before and after to determine the absorption quantity which is the weight difference. If the required performance is proven - the test is passed.

Only products that can withstand all the requirements of our quality criteria will make it into our DENSORB® range.

Convince yourself: Free DENSORB® sample set

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