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Fuel Tanks

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Fuel tanks from DENIOS are right at home on a loading area or in the back of a fitter's vehicle. They can be moved quickly by forklift, or crane, and offer generous storage of 55 to 1,000 litres. This allows vehicles to be refueled directly at the site. Steel or plastic models are available that allow refueling with diesel, petrol or ad blue solution.

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Fuel Tanks from DENIOS

Hazardous goods transport: petrol and diesel fuels

According to the Dangerous Goods Act, a mobile tank system may be approved as an IBC or dangerous goods packaging, depending on the transported medium and the volume. If the mobile tank system is approved as an IBC or dangerous goods packaging, transport approval is not required. Note the following when transporting:

  • The prescribed regular checks must be carried out
  • The label on the container must be complete and legible in accordance with Guidance CDG2009
  • A 2kg fire extinguisher must be carried in accordance with CDG2009
  • All openings on the container (filling pipe, dipstick, breather ball valve, suction pipe ball valve) must be tightly sealed.
  • Alle Öffnungen am Behälter (Füllstutzen, Peilstab, Kugelhahn der Entlüftung, Kugelhahn der Saugleitung) müssen dicht verschlossen sein.

Marking of a mobile tank system The marking in accordance with CDG2009 includes the following identification information:

  • 1 x UN approval number
  • 2 x hazard label "Flammable liquids"
  • 2 x marking "Environmentally harmful substances"
  • 1x hazard statement per GHS (Globally Harmonised System)
  • 1x marking "not stackable" or "stackable" - in the case of "stackable", the permitted stacking load must be stated

What legal provisions apply to mobile tank systems?

Transport of fuel tanks is regulated in by the conventions on transport of hazardous goods by road (ADR), by rail (RID), on inland waterways (ADN) and by sea (IMDG-Code).

Please refer to CDG 2009 guidance document.

Fuels available everywhere

Mobile tank systems in polyethylene are used to supply machinery or commercial vehicles that run on diesel or bio-diesel. Journeys to the building site or petrol station are no longer needed. Simply fill up vehicles or machines on site with a mobile filling bowser. Load the mobile refueling system onto your pick-up truck or lorry. Advantages:

  • Convenient and safe on-site refueling
  • No costly interruptions to operations while travelling to fueling stations
  • Available in steel or as a seamless manufactured unit in corrosion-free polyethylene
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Transport by pick-up or small truck
  • Transport by pick-up or small truck Ready for immediate use with accessories
  • UN approved
  • Can be used without ADR driving license and special vehicle marking

Are fuel tank systems approved for transport?

DENIOS fuel tanks for mobile use meet the conditions for the international carriage of dangerous goods by road in accordance with the European treaty (ADR). This means that mobile tank systems can be transported on a truck or in smaller vehicles at any time. Mobile tank systems are ideally suited for use at changing locations. Mobile tank systems are available in various sizes, as sets and with an extensive range of accessories such as pumps, etc.

Please refer to Guidance CDG2009

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