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Transport Container for Hazardous Materials

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For the transport of hazardous substances on roads or at sea, transport containers for dangerous goods must be particularly safe and resistant.

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Transport Containers for Hazardous Materials

Transport Containers for Dangerous Goods

If your business works with hazardous materials or dangerous substances, then it is of paramount importance that you promote work safety and prioritise environmental protection. Spills, leaks, accidents and other unforeseen events present a tremendous risk to your employees, visitors, facilities and the surrounding environment if proper precautions are not taken. With the correct equipment and procedures in place, you can ensure that your company operates efficiently, profitably, but most importantly, safely.

At DENIOS UK, we offer a wide range of transport containers for hazardous materials that are type tested and approved for transporting hazardous goods in packaging group I, II and II. Hazardous materials and other dangerous goods are mainly assigned into three packing groups (also known as UN Packing Groups) in accordance with the degree of danger they present:

  • Packing Group I: High danger

  • Packing Group II: Medium danger

  • Packing Group III: Low danger

Our transport container solutions for hazardous materials are UN approved receptacles that comply with international regulations and standards. They are designed to be robust and secure so that handlers are protected from the contents at all times. DENIOS UK transport containers come in an array of different capacities and different sizes, so there will be a solution to meet diverse operational needs.

Transport Containers from DENIOS UK

Our range

If you work with highly-corrosive, flammable, toxic or hazardous materials, then the buckets available at your local hardware store probably will not stand up to the task at hand. Browse our selection of plastic buckets that are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, which will better meet the requirements of your business. They come with a carry handle, and the flexible lid fully covers the receptacle to ensure a tight seal. We even supply electrically conductive buckets that are manufactured from resistant polypropylene.

Should you need to store hazardous materials, but you may have to relocate the storage unit that contains them, look no further than our Transport Bin with UN certification. This robust receptacle offers airtight closure so harmful fumes or off-gassing poses no threat to your workforce. Stable clips and safety pins ensure that the polyurethane seal is not compromised. The ergonomic handle and sturdy rubber wheels make moving this container simple and smooth for its users. It can also be stacked, saving space and optimising your work areas.

We also supply specially designed sealed tin containers called Hobbocks. These receptacles are easy to move around due to their ergonomic shell grips, and they are ideal for use in the catering or service industries because they meet food regulations. Hobbocks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and also adhere to the UN approval criteria.

DENIOS UK quality assurance

UN numbers or UN IDs are the four-digit numbers which classify hazardous substances, dangerous goods, and other harmful articles (such as flammable liquids, explosives, and toxic substances) within the realm of international transport. They are assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

There are nine classes of dangerous goods. ‘Dangerous goods’ are defined as materials or items that have hazardous properties which, if not properly handled or controlled, pose a potential hazard to health and safety, infrastructure and their means of transport.

At DENIOS UK, we understand that international agreements for the carriage of dangerous goods must be respected. All of our transport containers have gone through meticulous testing at different levels and have passed all the required checks. All our transport containers for hazardous materials come with a UN approval number. This makes them an ideal choice for the transportation of hazardous substances complying under any category in the hierarchy of the nine different dangerous goods.

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